April 25, 2011

Fastest growing browser: I am a Chrome boy and I am a Chrome girl

Chrome is world third most popular browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox are world No.1 and No.2 browser respectively. The interesting fact is that three years before Chrome's first version not even released. Chrome first version released on September 2008. 

S.No.Browser Name First Version Released On
1 Internet Explorer August, 1995
2 Firefox November, 2004 
3 ChromeSeptember, 2008

Currently 17 percentage of people are using Chrome. One year before just 7 percentage of people used Chrome. Within a year Chrome market share has increased from 7% to 17%.

This 10% increase over last one year is really amazing. During last one year, no browser has grown this much. 

Year by year Chrome is growing at rapid speed. Let us see the growth of Chrome over the last two and half years.

S.No. Year No. of Users
1 March, 2011 17%
2 March, 2010 7%
3 March, 2009 2%

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