April 4, 2011

Who are using Firefox?

World's second most popular browser is Firefox. 30% of people are using Firefox. Internet Explorer is world No.1 browser. 45% of people are using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer's first version was released 16 years ago whereas Firefox's first version was released just 6 years before. 

We have answer for how many people are using Firefox. But we would like to know who are using Firefox. The answer will help us to understand more about Firefox. Now the problem is how to find who are using Firefox. It's not easy to find who are using Firefox. Here we will try to find.


Last month both Internet Explorer and Firefox has released their latest version. Internet Explorer's latest version is 'Internet Explorer 9'. It was released on March 14, 2011. Firefox's latest version is 'Firefox 4'. It was released on March 22, 2011.

23 Lakhs people has downloaded Internet Explorer 9 on it's first day of release whereas Firefox 4 has been downloaded by 71 Lakhs people on it's first day. At this moment we need to remember that both Internet Explorer and Firefox are free. But Firefox has been downloaded three times more than Internet Explorer. 

After seeing this numbers we can easily say that Firefox users are...
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