April 6, 2011

What is Suresh Raina caste?

Last week new census was released. Now India’s literacy rate is 74%. Ten years before India’s literacy rate was 65%. Over the past ten years India’s literacy rate has grown from 65% to 74%.  This is really good news.

We can classify Indians into two categories. The two Indians are…

1.    Literate Indian
2.    Illiterate Indian 

The ratio between Literate and Illiterate Indian is approximately 3:1

People used say that illiterate people are responsible for the existence of caste even in 21st century. It means 26% of illiterate people are keeping caste alive.

I would like to share my personal experience. Illiterate people had asked me directly about my caste whereas literate people have shown interest to know my caste. They asked indirectly about my caste.

There is myth about literate and illiterate people. Literate people are broad minded. They won’t bother about caste. On other hand Illiterate people are narrow minded. They always talk about caste.

But the fact is different. Literate people is also responsible for keeping caste alive. For example, type the word 'Suresh Raina' in Google search engine. See the Google suggestion. One of the suggestion is 'Suresh Raina Caste'. 

Google's Suggestion 

Google predicts what we will type in advance. The predictions are available as suggestion. The suggestions are based on previous popular search for that particular keyword. In this case 'Suresh Raina Caste' is a suggestion for the keyword 'Suresh Raina'. It means majority of the people had searched about Suresh Raina's Caste

There are many things to know about Raina. But people have shown interest over Raina's caste. It means literate people especially computer literate people would like to know about caste.