April 3, 2011

Why I bought two detergent bars?

Last two weeks I did not wash my clothes. Today I planned to wash at least half of the clothes. I noticed that detergent bowl is empty. I need to buy detergent bar. I went to nearby shop. I asked one Surf Excel 250g detergent bar. Shopkeeper brought it and asked me what else do you want. 

After seeing the bar I changed my mind. I asked one more Surf Excel 250g detergent bar. I went to shop to buy only one detergent bar. Why I suddenly asked one more bar. Because 50g free for 250g bar. The moment I saw 50g free on label I asked one more bar.

I calculated that anyhow I am going to buy one more detergent bar on next week. There is no guarantee for the availability this 'Free 50g' offer on next week. Now if I buy one more bar, I will get extra 50g with same price.

What about others

While coming from shop I discussed with myself. I bought one more detergent bar just because of 50g free. Moreover I am interested to know what others will do. Will they buy one more bar. 

Basically I am little bit reserved type. I always hesitate to communicate with others. At the same time I am determined guy to know what I want know. So I decided to search in Google. I used Google Trends. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool used to find how often a particular keyword used in Google search engine. The term 'Free' was more often used by following nations... 
  1. India 
  2. Indonesia
  3. Philippines
  4. Malaysia
  5. Romania

Indians are No.1 to use the keyword 'Free' in Google search engine. Therefore Indians are always looking for free.