March 31, 2011

Sehwag's hair is important for us

Day by day I am loosing my hair . Before marriage my mother used say "Take Care of Your Hair". I spent my money to buy hair loss cream, special hair oil and shampoo.  But I could not stop hair fall. Subsequently I lost interest and patience over my hair. Over period of time I did not do anything for hair fall. Now I rethink about hair fall. Sehwag is the man behind this sudden change. 

Once upon a time Sehwag lost his 80% hair. At that time I felt that I am better than Sehwag. But suddenly he came with hair. Newspaper said that Sehwag has undergone hair transplant treatment. These all happened two years ago. Last two years I did not think much about my hair fall. 

Suddenly yesterday I started to feel about my hair fall seriously. The main reason is Google. Yesterday morning around 8 O'Clock I searched about Sehwag on Google. I typed Virender Sehwag on Google search box. Google suggestions made me to wonder. Google's second suggestion is Virender Sehwag Hair.

Google's Suggestion 

Google predicts what we will type in advance. The predictions are available as suggestion. The suggestions are based on previous popular search for that particular keyword. In this case Virender Sehwag Hair is a suggestion for the keyword 'Virender Sehwag'. It means majority of the people had searched about Virender Sehwag Hair. 

There are many things to know about Sehwag. But people have shown interest over Sehwag hair. Incidentally now I am very much interested about my hair. 

So far I have lost 40% hair alone. I would like to keep the rest. But I don't know what to do. I welcome your suggestion.