April 27, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishes To Facebook's Like Button

Last Thursday (21.4.2011) Facebook celebrated Like button's first birthday. Now Like button is one year old. 

Unbelievable Number

Facebook says that more than 10,000 websites are adding Like button in their websites every day. This is really unbelievable. But it’s a fact.  

Impact of Like Button

Here I would like to share my personal experience. Ten months before I started to write this blog. Initially I did not add Facebook's Like button in this blog. Few months before I added Like button to appear at the end of every post.

Before Like Button

I found difficult to identify who are reading this blog. People who has written comments are always visible to me. Few of my readers said that we like reading your blog, meantime we do not have nothing to write. 

I added Like button particularly for this type of people.

After Like Button

Now I am able to identify who are reading this blog. Nowadays, apart from comments I also receive Likes for every post. Like button is making life easy for readers to say, "I like this post" in single click.

Each and every Like acknowledge or appreciate my effort. I personally feel that every like is equal to one lakh rupees.  Moreover each Like is giving energy to write further. Therefore I personally thankful for Facebook.

Like... Like... Like...

My teachers taught me that 'You are what you read'. But, now as an assistant professor I would like to teach, 'You are what you like'.