April 28, 2011

Election Report: Our Former Telecom Minister A. Raja's People Are No.1

Over last one year '2G' is very popular word in India. The man behind the '2G' popularity is our former Telecom minister, A. Raja. Now he is in Tihar jail. 

Remember, still Raja is Member of Parliament (MP). He has been elected from Tamil Nadu. His constituency name is ‘Nilgiris’. 

49-O (Not To Vote)

49-O is a official way of expressing our refusal to vote for any candidate. If we think the candidates are not eligible then we can vote under 49-O. 

More than 24 thousand people have voted for 49-O across Tamil Nadu in 2011 assembly election (MLA Election). Exactly 24,824 people have voted for 49-O.

A. Raja's People

Gudalur constituency has received 787 vote for 49-O. This is the highest in Tamil Nadu. Gudalur is coming under A. Raja's MP constituency.   

Moreover Udhagamandalam (Ooty) constituency is one of the top five highest 49-O polled constituency. Udhagamandalam is also coming under A. Raja's MP constituency

Interestingly two more constituencies from Coimbatore district are coming under top five highest 49-O polled constituency. Remember, Coimbatore is next to The Nilgiris district. Let us see the top five highest 49-O polled constituency.

S.No. Name of the Constituency  49-O Votes
1 Gudalur
(The Nilgiris District)
2 Singanallur
(Coimbatore District)
3 Maduravoyal
(Thiruvallur District)
Udhagamandalam (Ooty)
(The Nilgiris District)
5 Coimbatore North
(Coimbatore District)

A. Raja's constituency:

Now the questions is why Gudalur is No.1 in Tamil Nadu.