April 23, 2011

I was fortunate to attend Dr. Subramanian Swamy lecture: Part - I

Photo Credit: Topnews.in

Last Thursday (21.4.2011) I attended Dr. Subramanian Swamy's lecture in our college. Due to semester exam, students were not able to attend his lecture. Even few of my colleague had invigilation duty. So they were unable to come. But I was fortunate to attend his lecture.

Subramanian Swamy delivered his lecture with full police protection. Inside the lecture hall, there were seven security guard with gun. Three of them were on the dais. During his lecture, suddenly one of the security guard's mobile phone started to ring. We all laughed.

You may heard about Subramanian Swamy. He often appears in news. Let me introduce him.

Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy is a politician. His party name is Janata Party. In fact, he is the chief of Janata Party. He has been elected Member of Parliament (M.P) five times. 

Subramanian Swamy is an Economist. He did Ph.D in Harvard university. He has written numerous books. He is a professor. He still continues his teaching at Harvard university. Every summer he goes to Harvard to teach two courses.

Powerful Man

Generally people did not consider Subramanian Swamy seriously. But in 2G spectrum scam, people slowly started to listen to him. 

Especially supreme court listened to him on 2G spectrum scam. Because of him, supreme court asked the Prime Minister to answer his question. 

Recently India Today magazine has ranked Top 50 powerful persons in India. Subramanian Swamy is one among them. He is in 30th place.

Subramanian Swamy Lecture

One day before I came to know about Subramanian Swamy's arrival to our collge. I was excited to attend his lecture. I was well prepared to attend his lecture both physically and mentally.

I woke up early morning. I shaved my two weeks beard. I worn one of my favorite pant and shirt. The lecture has planned to start at 9.30 AM. I reached the college even before 9.00 AM.

I carried one book and one notebook into lecture hall. Notebook is to write notes. Suppose Subramanian Swamy come late to lecture hall, I don't want waste the morning time. Therefore I carried a book to read. The book name is 'Power Speak'.

The above buildups are just to remind myself about my dream. My dream is to be an international professor. I would like to deliver my lecture in world class universities such as Harvard, Oxford and Stanford.

The lecture started at 9.45 AM. The lecture title is Patriotism. Subramanian Swamy started the lecture by differentiating the terms Patriotism and Nationalism.  


Nationalism is defending the country. Defending can be from inside the country or from outside the country. For example, Army men are defending the country from enemy. This is known as nationalism. This is not patriotism. 

Indians are celebrating Diwali and Holi in America. It shows their nationalism. Moreover this is not patriotism.


Patriotism does not mean blindly love the country. We should not support a government when it does wrong. 

Patriotism is different from nationalism. Knowing the country is patriotism. We should know the culture, history and geography of the country. 

Raj Thackeray and Mumbai
Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray once asked all Non-Marathi should leave from Mumbai. Especially he asked Uttar Pradesh people should leave from Mumbai.

Subramanian Swamy got Raj Thackeray's hair with help of his friend. Both Subramanian Swamy's friend and Raj Thackeray do hair grooming in the same place. Subramanian Swamy has done the DNA test. Surprisingly Raj Thackeray DNA is same as Uttar Pradesh people.

It means Raj Thackeray ancestor belongs to Uttar Pradesh not to Maharashtra.

Pizza and Software Engineer

India was rich country. Earlier people came to India to buy goods. Even Americans came to India. While coming from America they came with empty ship. While going to America their ship was full of goods. Americans are worried that Indians are not buying anything from them. In order to avoid the empty ship, Americans requested Indians to buy something from them.
One of the kings from Tamil Nadu asked the Americans, we need ice. King said that we never seen ice in our life. Ice is available in Himalaya. But it's far away from here. So bring ice from your country. Nowadays we buy American's Pizza but they buy our Software Engineers.  

Karunanidhi and Ramachandra Hospital

Present government want to destroy Ram Sethu (Bridge) which was built by Ramar. Subramanian Swamy said that I do not allow to destroy Ram Sethu. That's why I got stay order from court.

But our chief minister Karunanidhi asked, in which engineering college Ramar has studied to build Ram Sethu. The very next day he did not feel well. He admitted to Ramachandra Hospital. At that time Subramanian Swamy has said to Karunanidhi, Ramar at least a doctor that's why you went to Ramachandra Hospital.

Michael Jackson Vs Ram Sethu

We are Indians. Both north and south Indians DNA are same. But our skin color is different. Normally north Indians are in white color whereas south Indians are in black color. Skin color does not deal with DNA. It's because of sun light and color pigments.

Basically Michael Jackson was in black color. Later he undergone surgery to get white skin. Consequently Subramanian Swamy asked the audience, are you aware of Michael Jackson. The audience replied that 'yes' on chrous. Immediately he asked the audience 'Yeah, you are aware of Michael Jackson but Ram Sethu...'

The above are excerpts from Subramanian Swamy's lecture. He described the above things while stressing about the importance of knowing the country. He said that knowing the country is patriotism.


Subramanian Swamy concluded his lecture by saying patriotism means improving the country.

Subramanian Swamy asked the audience, go abroad. Study well. Work there to get an experience. Come back to India. Work here to improve this country.