May 16, 2012

Today, I sent an article to newspaper (The Hindu)

The Hindu

My days always starts with newspaper. I am reading 'The Hindu' since 2000. I completed my schooling in April, 2000. The college hostel introduced me 'The Hindu.' Initially, I found difficult to read it. Sometime I was not able to understand the meaning of the words. Because, in school, I studied in Tamil medium.

Initial days, my favorite section was cartoon. Because, cartoon alone had less number of words and it was easy for me to understand. I used to take note about the word which I don't know the meaning. Later, I started to read with the help of dictionary.

I am writing this blog since May, 2010. So far I have published more than 200 posts. It is because of 'The Hindu.' Yes, I have improved (and improving) my vocabulary by reading it. Thanks to 'The Hindu.'

Today, I sent an article to 'The Hindu.' This is my first article to newspaper. It is very small article. It contains less than 300 words. The subject of article is about mother's day. If my article match with their (The Hindu) quality then it will be published on upcoming Sundays paper under 'open page' section.

One of my goal for the year 2012 is to publish at least one article in newspaper. Let us wait and see what is going to happen to my first article.