May 17, 2012

Politics: Tamil Nadu government spent 25 crore for an advertisement


Are you living in Tamil Nadu? Have you read newspaper yesterday? What is your initial reaction after seeing Tamil Nadu government advertisement? Well, it quickly made me to remember two points.

1. Now AIADMK is ruling Tamil Nadu.
2. J. Jayalalithaa is the chief minster of Tamil Nadu

Yesterday, all the newspapers both English and Tamil carried Tamil Nadu government's one year achievement in four pages as an advertisement. Around 25 crore spent for this advertisement (A journalist said this amount in a TV discussion).

Remember, the AIADMK party did not spent for advertisement. It is public money. Yes, my money, your money and our money used for this advertisement.

Let us talk politics

Now we start our discussion here. There are two views.

1. Public money is wasted
2. Public awareness has been created

Public money is wasted

The money might be used for some other social welfare activities such as building public toilet, creating official Facebook page for all government's departments.

Public awareness has been created

Awareness is an important one. Government must advertise about their actions and achievements. Advertisement is the one and only way to reach common people.

Let us open our mouth. First I do it. Initially, I thought government is wasting money. Later, I realized the advertisement has initiated discussion (Now we are also discussing here) about this government performance which is good for country.

What you think about this advertisement? Remember our money has been paid for this advertisement. Whether this expense is unnecessary or necessary?