March 29, 2012

Secret message to my Ex-Girlfriend

My Ex-Girlfriend

Imagine the following scenario. I would like to send text message to my secret friend. How can I send? Please suggest something. 

I don't prefer Email or SMS for secret message. The problem is message will remain in inbox until she delete. Therefore I don't want to send secret message via Email or SMS.

Could you suggest something which will delete message automatically after particular time period?

Well, finally I sent message to my secret friend. Remember, as per my requirement the message will expire after 30 days. I used Notey.

What's Notey?


Notey is a way to send secret information between two people. It's very simple and easy. There are just two steps.

Step 1: Type your message
Step 2: Create a password

Notey will provide the URL. We need to share this URL to our friend. On other side, our friend has to type that particular password to read our secret message.

For example, you type the password "fridaymovie" to read my secret message which I sent to my Ex-Girlfriend at this URL