March 21, 2012

Tomorrow (March 22) is World Water Day

World Water Day

Are you wasting water? Wait, now I am not going to teach the following lesson. 

Don't Waste Water | Please Save Water

But I will teach different lesson at the end. First, let us look some information about water and water day.

Tomorrow is world water day. March 22 every year is celebrated as water day. This year theme is 'Water and Food Security.' 

The year 2012 water day message is 'The World is Thirsty Because we are Hungry.'

World Water Day

It's better you visit world water day website at and Facebook page at

There are few interesting facts about food and water on this website. For example, I came to know that one orange requires 50 liters water to grow. Similarly...

One cup Tea need 35 liters water
One Egg need 135 liters water Egg


One Tomato need 13 liters water
One glass Beer need 170 liters water


One Apple need 70 liters water 
One Burger need 2400 liters water

Are you wasting food? Now my lesson is...

Don't waste food | Food needs water to grow