December 18, 2011

Google is making me Fool whenever I type the word 'Recursion'


Google is always helping me. There is no doubt. Whenever I make mistake in spelling, it helps me to correct with patience. Google does not try to find mistake on me. It just helps to me to find what I want. So I just love this features from Google.

Today I typed the word 'Recursion' on Google search bar. But it made me fool. Yes, it asks me, Did You Mean: Recursion. Remember I did not make any mistake on spelling.


Believe me I typed correctly without any spelling mistake. But Google asks me Did You Mean: Recursion. However, even if I click on Did You Mean: Recursion, Google again shows the same result with the same suggestion (Did You Mean: Recursion)

Does Google try to teach me what is Recursion or making me fool?