December 17, 2011

Dhoni Says He Cried After Winning World Cup


It's tough for me to live without Cricket updates. Today I read about Dhoni on Cricinfo. Before I share what I read, let me tell about my relationship with Dhoni.

Once upon time I used to tell Shane Warne is my favorite bowler and Brian Lara is my favorite batsman. In my school days I imitated Warne. Yes, I was part time leg spinner.

Though I was right hand batsman, I just love to bat as left hand batsman just because of Lara. According to me no one is equal to Lara. He is such a stylish batsman. For me, his batting seems to be dance.

If anybody ask me now, who is your favorite player? Some of my students had asked me this question. I used to tell to them whoever win the man of the match award they are my favorite player until the next match.


Honestly speaking my favorite player is Dhoni. I just love whatever he does in side of the stadium. Yes, I am big fan of Dhoni.

Now come to our topic, Dhoni Says He Cried After Winning World Cup. Actually Dhoni has won CNN-IBN's Indian of the year award in sports category.

After winning this award Dhoni spoke to CNN-IBN. He has answered to many questions. Here is some of the question and answer. [You can also read the full interview on Cricinfo]

CNN-IBN: Did you cry (After winning world cup)?
Dhoni: Yes, I did.  It's very difficult to control an emotion like that. I was controlling [myself]. 

CNN-IBN: How you relax at home?
Dhoni: I have three dogs at home. The best thing is that [whether I win a series or lose one], they treat me the same way. They greet me in the same way. That really relaxes me.

CNN-IBN: What was more difficult? Winning the World Cup or getting married?
Dhoni: I think both of them are quite difficult to do.

CNN-IBN: Do you do yoga? Meditation?
Dhoni: I don't practise any of the above things. I love to be in the moment. 

CNN-IBN: What would you like to tell young people? 
Dhoni: Be practical where you are good and then channelise your efforts in the right direction to be successful in life.