October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs's Daughter Blog

Steve Jobs Daughter-Lisa

Steve Jobs is father of four children. Steve Jobs have a son and three daughters. One of the daughter name is Lisa. She born on 1978.   

Steve Jobs's Wife

Steve Jobs wife name is Laurene Powell. They married on 1991. But Laurene Powell is stepmother of Lisa. Laurene Powell have a son and two daughters.

Steve Jobs's Girl Friend 

Lisa's mother name is 'Chris-Ann Brennan'. She is Steve Jobs's girl friend. 

Steve Jobs Daughter-Lisa
Lisa's Blog

Yesterday I read Lisa's blog. Her blog address is www.lisabrennanjobs.net. More than 330 people follow her blog. More than 47 thousands times her profile viewed. 

Favorite Moment of the Day

Lisa is a basically writer. Lisa's most of the blog post initially published on popular magazine or newspaper. Lisa last blog post was published on September 12, 2009. Her last post title name is 'Favorite Moment of the Day.


Lisa likes coffee very much. In her lost post she mentioned about coffee. She said that...

"Coffee is my ritual, my interval."

Lisa described what's happening while drinking coffee. She says that...

"My mind fans open. Fireflies blink in my torso."

Steve Jobs Passed Away

Lisa's last blog post have just 166 words. But more than 90 people have commented. The surprising and interesting fact is that more than 50 people commented after her father death. 

Few of the comments are...

"My Condolences for your father"

"Your father was a great man. May he rest in peace. I'm sorry"

"May Steve rest in peace.... an era is over: ((( "

"Sorry about your dad. I hope he experienced some moments like this"

"I've spent the last eight hours reading about your Dad, I've never cried more times in one day"

"I don't know you personally Lisa, but I am so sorry for the loss of your father"