October 11, 2011

American University is doing research for Indian Farmers

Stanford University

Nowadays I am thinking about Ph.D. degree. Last month I visited few world popular universality websites. My aim is to know about their research area. I came to know that American University is doing research for Indian Farmers.

The university name is 'Stanford University.' Computer Science department is doing this research. They are developing 'Voice Based Social Media.' They are developing exclusively for Gujarat Farmers.

Stanford_CS Department

Why Indian Farmers need Voice Based Social Media?

We all knew that India is a developing country. Our farmers does not have computer. Moreover most of our farmers are not educated. So even if they have computer with internet connection, they can't read.

Indian Farmers
Indian Farmer is testing application

Voice Based Social Media

Existing social media such as Orkut and Facebook are text based. So our farmers can't use. Voice Based Social Media is the solution for our farmers.

First Voice Based Social Media will record agricultural question. Then it will get an answer from experts or other farmers via mobile phone.

Stanford University says that this project will be launched at the end of this year. It also says that more than 5 Lakhs farmers will get benefit from this project.