October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs's College Name Is REED! Steve Jobs's Son Name Is Also REED!!

Steve Jobs

Yesterday I visited Steve Jobs's college website. His college name is 'Reed College'. Reed is one of the private college in U.S.A. 

First I came to know that Steve Jobs was neither a Hardware Engineer nor a Software Engineer.

Reed is neither a Engineering college nor a Technical college. Reed is a Arts and Science college. Steve Jobs had enrolled his name in Arts college.

The important and interesting thing is that Steve Jobs's son name is also 'Reed.' Steve Jobs have a son and three daughters. His son born on 1991.

Reed College

Steve Jobs joined in Reed college in 1972. He did not complete graduate. He attended just one semester in Reed college. The tuition fees was the reason behind his dropout.

Today, Reed college home page says that...
 Steve Jobs

"Reed College honors the life of Steve Jobs, one of its most visionary former students"