September 27, 2011

கலைஞர் தொலைக்காட்சி Website Default Language Is Not தமிழ்

Kalaignar TV

Yesterday I opened Kalaignar TV website. I was able to read this website in English or Tamil language. But Kalaignar TV website opened in English language. Yes, the default language of Kalaignar TV website is English.

Actually I could not believe my eyes. Kalaignar TV is a Tamil channel. So the audience are Tamil people. But the website default language is English!

Kalaignar TV

We all know that Kalaignar Karunanidhi is known for Tamil. He has been working for Tamil language since his childhood. But the website default language is English!

Makkal TV:

Makkal TV

Makkal TV website is also available in Tamil and English language. However the default language of Makkal TV website is Tamil.

Now the question is very clear. Why the default language of Kalaignar TV website is English? Why it does not have Tamil as default language?