September 26, 2011

Karnataka Police Alone Using Facebook

Yesterday I visited few Indian state police websites. I observed few things from these websites. Here I would like to share my observation about South Indian states website.

First I observed the name of the websites. The followings are the South Indian state police website name. (Tamil Nadu) (Kerala) (Andhra Pradesh) (Karnataka)


First I observed website name suffix. The suffix are not common in all these four websites. The suffix are...

  • org

Tamil Nadu and Karnatka state police websites name alone end with country specific name (.in).

Tamil Nadu and Karnatka state police websites name suffix (.gov) indicates that this is government website.

Kerala and Andhra Pradesh websites name suffix (.org) indicates that this is organization website.

These two kind of suffix is confusing. It's better to have common suffix as '' for all states government related websites.

Website Name:

There are few differences in website name. Let us look closely the website names.

  • tnpolice
  • keralapolice
  • apstatepolice
  • ksp


Kerala police website name doses not have any abbreviation. The name is 'keralapolice.' It's very simple and easy to remember.


Karnataka police website name is 'ksp.' It is an abbreviation for 'Karnataka State Police.' It's short and sweet. It's also easy to remember. 

Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh website name is mixture of abbreviation (AP) and state police. It's not easy to remember. The name is 'apstatepolice.'  AP stands for  'Andhra Pradesh.' 

Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu website name is also mixture of abbreviation (TN) and Police. So it's also not easy to remember. The name is 'tnpolice.' In this name, the first two characters 'TN' stands for 'Tamil Nadu.'

It's better to have full name like Kerala Police. Even it's good to have abbreviation alone like Karnataka State Police (KSP).

Now the question is why Andhra and Tamil Nadu police have chosen as 'apstatepolice' and 'tnpolice.'

Whether Andhra and Tamil Nadu police does not have any other options or they are unable to think smartly.

Police and Social Networking Sites:

Finally I observed one more important difference among South Indian States. Karnataka state police alone is available on Facebook.

Yes, Karnataka police website asks their user "Join Us on Facebook." Already around 5,000 people have added Karnataka Police as their friends.