September 20, 2011

Machi Open This Website


Yesterday I watched Mankatha movie. After this movie I am eager to know about the Mankatha game. I already heard about the term "Mankatha." But I don't know about this game. So I googled "Mankatha."

Finally I opened the Mankatha movie website. In this website there is one option named as "Play Game."  I clicked on "Play Game."


In this game, first it tells three instructions. Next it asks to "Select Your Player." We have four players to select. The players are...
  1. Ajith
  2. Arjun
  3. Trisha
  4. Premji
I choose Ajith. Next we have to "Select Our Opponent."  I choose Premji as my opponent. This game consists of Five rounds.

In the first round Ajith (Myself) won the game. The remaining four games Premji won the game.

At the end I (Ajith) lost the game. Meantime I learned "Mankatha" game. Would you like to play?

To play Mankatha Click Here.