October 16, 2011

Shankar confirms 'Nanban' movie shooting is over


Just ten minutes ago I opened director Shankar's website. I was surprised to read that Nanban shooting is over. Yes, Shankar has updated the latest news about his upcoming film Nanban.  

Shankar Website

Shankar is using website to share the latest information about his movies. His recent post was published on just one day (October 15, 2011) ago. The last post title name is 'Nanban 100%'


Shankar says that...

Hi Everyone!

Nanban shooting 100% completed. 
Since Velayudham is releasing on Diwali, Nanban will be for Pongal.

All is well!


Shankar's previous update

Shankar's previous update about Nanban movie are...

Nanban 98.8888% completed. (On August 26, 2011)

Nanban 60% completed. (On June 26, 2011)

We finished second schedule of Nanban in Dehradun. (On March 18, 2011)

Just finished first schedule of Nanban in Ooty. (On February 5, 2011)


Nanban Audio

Shankar in his recent post said that Nanban audio will be released on December.