October 15, 2011

Father of 'C' programming language passed away: Let us 'C' people reaction

Dennis Ritchie
Dennis Ritchie - Father of 'C' Language 

The day before yesterday (October 13, 2011) around 3.30pm my student (Ramasamy) sent SMS to me. Actually I was in meeting. Therefore I was not able to read SMS immediately. Ten minutes later I read that SMS. The SMS was...

"Good Evening Sir, One Sad News, Father of C language, 'Dennis Ritchie' passed away"

When Dennis Ritchie died?

Actually Dennis Ritchie passed away on October 8, 2011. But first four days nobody was aware of his death. Last Wednesday (October 13, 2011) Dennis Ritchie's friend was the first person to inform about Dennis Ritchie death to this world. The friend name is Rob Pike. 

Rob Bike, Dennis Ritchie's Friend
Rob Bike - Dennis Ritchie's Friend

Who is Rob Pike?

Rob Pike is currently working in Google as Principal Engineer. Rob Pike first posted about Dennis Ritchie death on Google Plus. He wrote that...

"I just heard that, after a long illness, Dennis Ritchie died at home this weekend. I have no more information."

Rob Pike
Rob Pike's Profile Image

Around 500 people have commented on Rob Pike's Google Plus status. Approximately 6000  people have shared. 

Few people have commented using 'C' language. The comments are...
#include <stdio.h>
   printf("Thank you for creating me\n"); 
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   printf("goodbye world\n");
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C-- :(

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