October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Today (October 28) is Bill Gates birthday. He born on October 28, 1955. Today he celebrates his 56th birthday.

We all know few things about Bill Gates. Meantime it's interesting to know what others wanted to know about Bill Gates. Just type the name 'Bill Gates' on Google and see the Google's reaction.

Google's Suggestion

Genrally Google predicts what we will type in advance. The predictions are available as suggestion. The suggestions are based on previous popular search for that particular keyword. Google list top ten suggestion for any key word.

In our case, Google's suggestion for the keyword 'Bill Gates' are...

Bill Gates
  1. Bill Gates  House
  2. Bill Gates Foundation 
  3. Bill Gates Lyrics
  4. Bill Gates Scholarship 
  5. Bill Gates Net worth
  6. Bill Gates Biography 
  7. Bill Gates Quotes 
  8. Bill Gates Daughter 
  9. Bill Gates Lil Wayne
  10. Bill Gates Toilet

We need to remember the above suggestions are only for American. Google suggested the above items on Gooogle.com. 

Suppose if we type 'Bill Gates' on Google.co.in, the suggestions are...
Bill Gates
  1. Bill Gates Daughter 
  2. Bill Gates House
  3. Bill Gates Biography 
  4. Bill Gates History
  5. Bill Gates Quotes 
  6. Bill Gates Foundation
  7. Bill Gates Profile
  8. Bill Gates House Pictures
  9. Bill Gates Car
  10. Bill Gates Email Id

Indian and American

There are some common interest shown by both the Indians and American to know about Bill Gates. Both Google.com and Google.co.in suggests the following items...
  • House
  • Daughter 
  • Foundation
  • Biography
  • Quotes
If we closely look at the differences between Indians and Americans, we can identify that Indians had shown interest to know about Bill Gates Daughter ahead of his Foundation, Biography and Quotes.

Similarly Americans had tried to know about Bill Gates Net Worth ahead of his Biography, Quotes and Daughter.

Interestingly Americans have tried to know about Bill Gates Toilet whereas Indians have shown interest on Bill Gates Car and E-mail ID.