October 18, 2011

Educational Qualification of Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie
Dennis Ritchie

We all know Dennis Ritchie is father of 'C' programming language. It's interesting to know the educational qualification of  Dennis Ritchie. 

Dennis Ritchie is alumni of Harvard University. He has done both his undergraduate and graduate in Harvard University. Moreover he did Ph.D degree in the same university.

Harvard University

Dennis Ritchie did undergraduate degree in Physics. He graduated in Applied Mathematics. Dennis Ritchie Ph.D thesis title is "Subrecursive Hierarchies of Functions."  

It's interesting to read both his undergraduate and graduate experience. First, let us listen to Dennis Ritchie undergraduate experience. 

Once he said that...

"My undergraduate experience convinced me that I was not smart enough to be a physicist"

Next we listen to his graduate experience. He has said that...

"My graduate school experience convinced me that I was not smart enough to be an expert in the theory of algorithms"

Remember Dennis Ritchie is a Programmer and Computer Scientist. He invented 'C' programming language.