August 22, 2011

Why we need design: Here is my students answer

Currently I am teaching Web Designing. Web Designing is one of the paper in MCA course. This is second time I am teaching Web Designing. This time I have done some extra home work to teach this paper.   

I realized that it's not easy to say what is design. Yes, design is not easy to define. Meanwhile I decided to do something to take my students into designing. Instead of trying to say what is design, I preferred to teach why we need design in initial lessons.

I started one of the session in last week with an open discussion of why we need design. Students shared their answer. Here I would like to share two of my students answer. The student names are Madusudhanan and Maria Jancy.

Maria Jancy
Maria Jancy said that...

"To convey our message easily we need design"

Madusudhanan said that...

"To help others to understand our message easily we need design"

You may think to attract or impress others we need design. But designers are not using design to impress anyone. They use design to express their message.

Offcourse people may say that your design is attractive or impressive. But we need to approach design to express our message.

Therefore never try to impress anyone through your design. Just try to express.