July 19, 2011

Thanks to Circle

Yesterday I wrote about Google+ Circle. Today I would like to share with you how Circle has relieved all my pains. 

We open social networking sites to know what others are doing or sharing. But we are overloaded by our friends shared post. Meantime we don't want to miss our beloved ones shared item. 

In Facebook, by default we are forced to read all shared items of our friends. But in reality we don't have time and patience to read all the items. 

We are not interested to read anything from some people. But we just want to be friend of them. We used to spend time to search and read posts from selective persons. While searching we are scrolling lot. It's really painful. 

In Google+, we are given option to read from selective friends. Remember Facebook just ask us "Add Friend" whereas Google+ ask us "Add to Circle". The term circle refers to type of friends.

I am having the following circle in Google+.
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Colleague
  • Students
  • Blog Members 
  • Others
By using Google+ circle option we can choose any particular circle to read it.  For example, suppose now I am only interested to know what my students are doing then I can select students circle. 

Google+ circle save our time. It makes our life easy. It also relive all our pains. Thanks to Circle.