July 18, 2011

C for Circle

We all studied about circle in school. Our school teacher taught us that "Circle is a shape."  Now the whole world is discussing about circle. But they are talking about Google Plus Circle. Circle is one of the interesting concept in Google Plus.

In Facebook we can just tell that he/she is a my friend. In Facebook, we no need to tell what type of friend he/she is. But in Google plus, we must say what type of friend he/she is.

Let us assume, you have friend. His name is Rajesh. In Facebook you can just be friend of Rajesh. But in Google Plus, you must specify what type of friend Rajesh for you. For an example you have to specify as... 

Rajesh is my Family/School/College/Hostel friend.

In real world we classify our friends as... 
  • Family Friend
  • School Friend
  • College Friend 
  • Hostel Friend
  • Etc.
Similarly Google Plus ask us to classify our friends. Based on our classification we are allowed to be friend of he/she in Google Plus.

"The activity of classifying our friend is called as Circle in Google Plus"