July 17, 2011

My Student has corrected my last blog post


In my previous Post I wrote the comparison of Facebook and Google Plus. In that post, I mentioned the following statement...

Google Plus does not allow us to delete our friends comment whereas in Facebook we can delete.

Facebook offers complete control over our friends comment. But Google Plus failed to offer this feature.

My Student

One of my students has found an option to delete our friends comment in Google Plus. His name is Krishnakumar. He is studying MCA in our college. Currently he is in third semester.

Krishnakumar says that...

Sir, I read your message. After I reading your message, I started to search solution for this problem. Finally I got one solution.

In Google+ there is an option to delete our friends comment.

  • Select the options menu 
  • Choose Report or Remove comment option
  • See the right side of our friends comment. There is report and remove option. 

By using this option we can report or delete comment. Therefore Google+ also have an option to remove our friends comment.