July 16, 2011

Please don't move from Facebook to Google Plus: Part - I

Google Plus is a just born baby. I started to use Google Plus just few days ago. In my last post I wrote one of the differences between Facebook and Google Plus. 

Now I would like to share one more difference with you. Today evening I observed this difference. I hope my observation will help you.


The fascinating part of social networking site is writing comment. We all write comment on our friends post. Similarly we welcome comment on our post especially for our photos.

Let us assume, I have posted the following photo.

After seeing this photo, any of my friends may write the following comment...

Oh God, Please save this audience. 

Remember I am the owner of this photo. I have shared this photo with my friends. Now I feel that my friend comment disturbing me. 

As an owner of this photo I should have options to delete any comment. Google Plus does not allow me to delete my friend comment whereas in Facebook I can delete. 

Don't Move From Facebook

Facebook offers complete control over our friends comment. But Google Plus failed to offer this feature. Therefore it's time to say...

"Dear Friends, Don't move from Facebook to Google Plus"


I received one message within an hour of publishing this post. In that message my student shared his solution.

Yes, my student (Krishnakumar) has found an option to delete our friends comment in Google Plus. To read Krishnakumar's solution Click Here.