July 15, 2011

Why we should move from Facebook to Google Plus: Part - I

As I said in my previous post, now I would like to share one of the differences between Facebook and Google Plus. Yesterday night I observed this difference. I hope my observation will help you.

Our ultimate action in social networking site is sharing. We share text (Emotion, Information, Joke and etc.,) link, photo and video with our friends. Moreover we are keen on what others are doing or sharing.

Facebook does not allow us to edit on what we already shared whereas Google Plus allow us to edit. Let us imagine, you have posted the following message on Facebook.

"Today I ate TWO ice cream"

After some time if you wish to change the number of ice cream from 2 to 3, you can't do in Facebook. But Google Plus provides option to edit.


The interesting part of social networking site is writing comment on our friends post especially on their photos.

Let us assume, I have posted the following photo.

After seeing this photo, you may write the following comment...

Obama, Please change the channel.

Facebook does not allow you to edit on comment whereas Google Plus allow you to edit. So you can rewrite the above comment as...

Obama, Please don't change the channel.

From Facebook To Google

By observing these differences we can quickly make a decision to move from Facebook to Google Plus.

(I will meet you again tomorrow with few more differences of Facebook & Google Plus.)