July 14, 2011

Finally I Started To Use Google Plus: My Wife Sent Invitation To Me

I hope you are aware of Google Plus. If you read the name "Google Plus" as first-time, let me introduce. Google Plus is a social networking site.  

Google Plus

Last month (June 28, 2011) Google launched its social networking service. I was excited to use on its first day itself. Even one day I can't wait.  Unfortunately first two weeks I was unable to access Google Plus.

Invite Base Service

Google Plus is not available to all. Currently it is an invitation based service. Google Plus is in trial stage. So it is available only by invitation.

I have waited more than two weeks for Google Plus invitation from any of my friends on Gmail. Daily I used to open my inbox to click on invitation. Due to my bad luck I did not receive invitation.  

Finally the day before yesterday my wife sent invitation to me. (As usual she shows direction in my life).

So far I sent more than 25 invitation to my friends. Moreover, I invited few of my students.


I am also using Facebook. Now I am observing the differences between Google Plus and Facebook.  I will write about these differences in upcoming days. 

I will meet you tomorrow with one of the differences.