August 26, 2011

Now I am following WWW inventor

Browsing is one of the regular activities in our life. We can't imagine a minute without an Internet. Especially for me it's tough to live without web. Sometime I forgot to eat because of Internet. Yes, Internet is my best friend.

Just five minutes before I started to follow the inventor of World Wide Web (WWW) on Twitter. Tim Berners-Lee is an inventor of WWW. By accident today I came to know his Twitter address.

Currently Tim Berners-Lee is the director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). I am very proud to follow him on Twitter. He is the man who made life easy for us by inventing WWW. 

More than 50 Thousands people follow Tim Berners-Lee. However he follows less than 90 people or products on Twitter. Firefox is one of the products that he follow on Twitter.

To follow Tim Berners-Lee on Twitter Click Here.