August 28, 2011

World's First Website Address

My favorite character in English alphabet is "W." One of the reason for this is an Internet. Generally we can classify this world into two category. The categories are...
  1. Before Internet 
  2. After Internet  
Before Internet, the character "W" is one of the least used character in English alphabet. But, After Internet "W" is one of the most used character in English alphabet.

Recently I came to know the world's first website. The website was created on 1991. The website address is The following image is the screen shot of the world's first website.

World's First Website

If we look very closely at the above screen shot we can easily identify few differences between modern browser and old browser. Vertical scroll bar is in the left hand side of the old browser whereas in modern browser it exists in the right hand side.

Now I also would like to share few more information about the world's first website.

Who created the world's first website?
Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee
When it was created?
August 6, 1991.

Where it was created?
Switzerland is birth place of world's first website.

Who is this Tim Berners-Lee?
Tim Berners-Lee born in England. Now he lives in America. Basically he is a physicist.

What Tim Berners-Lee is doing now?
Currently he is the director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).