May 23, 2011

Teaching is my profession. But now I am reading a book named 'You Can Sell'

Last Friday (20.5.2011) I met one of my best friends after six months. His name is Rajesh. We became friends while studying MCA. That day Rajesh gifted me two books. One of the books name is 'You Can Sell'.

I visit bookshops often. I have seen 'You Can Sell' many times. Moreover I know the author of this book. But I never thought to buy this book. The reason is the name of the book. Basically I am not a salesman. Therefore I felt that 'You Can Sell' won't be useful for me. However my friend has gifted this book. 

Why my friend gifted 'You Can Sell'?

I don't know why my friend gifted this book. I used to tell him that 'I would like to write a book.' On our previous meet, Rajesh had gifted few books. Few of the books are related to writing. But this time he has gifted 'You Can Sell'.

Now a days I am writing on this blog. Few of my friends used to tell that 'Kannan, you can earn money from your blog. To earn, you have to display advertisement on blog.' But I am not interested to earn money through this blog.

I thought that Rajesh also trying to say same thing by gifting this book. Frankly speaking I don't know what is the exact reason for buying this book for me. [I hope next time Rajesh will tell what he think about this book and why he brought this book for me.]

I started to read 'You Can Sell'

Last Sunday around 11.45PM (After IPL match: KKR Vs MI) I log on to my desktop. Unfortunately Internet connection was not available. I was disappointed. Meantime I saw 'You Can Sell' which kept on left hand side of my table. 

I took 'You Can Sell' on my hand. I read author name (Shiv Khera). At that time I remembered Shiv Khera's previous book 'You Can Win'. I bought 'You Can Win' six years before. I have read this book so many times. Unfortunately I lost this book. But I never forget that book. I was energized whenever I read that book.

You Can WinYou Can Sell
Book Cover
Shiv Khera 
Shiv Khera 
Rs. 225
[I bought it for Rs. 225
The price may change]
Rs. 195
Popular Quotes 
Winners don't do
different things;
They do things
Results are rewarded;
Efforts aren't
Note: I already written about 'You Can Win' on this blog. To read click here

Around 11.50PM I started to read 'You Can Sell'. I read first chapter completely. First chapter consists of seven pages. The first chapter title is Who is not selling? 

First Chapter

In the beginning of the chapter Shiv Kherar define salesperson. The author says that according to Robert Stevenson...

"Anyone who sells a product, service or an idea is a sales person"

Shiv Khera also says "All sales persons are self-employed entrepreneurs and unless they consider themselves self-employed they will not succeed."

First chapter is really interesting one. While reading this chapter I was excited. The author gave information about how many people choose selling job. The number made me to wonder.

The author says that more than 50% of college students are becoming sales man or sales woman after completing their formal education.

If I want to say about first chapter in two words, I will say that 'Thought Provoking' chapter. This book consists of 31 chapters. I completed just one chapter. After posting this post or article I am going to read the second chapter.