May 25, 2011

Endhiran is not only about Rajini and Shankar. It's also about Srinivas. But...

Srinivas Mohan

Endhiran film have received two national awards. The awards are...
  1. Best Special Effects  
  2. Best Production Design
The man behind Endhiran's special effects is Srinivas Mohan. He is a VFX (Visual Effects) Supervisor of Endhiran. After Endhiran, people from all over the world have started to recognize Srinivas. He receives monthly at lest one award for Endhiran from varies parts of the world.

Interestingly, Shankar's previous film Sivaji's VFX Supervisor is also Srinivas. Remember he had won national award for Sivaji film.

Srinivas receives national award for Sivaji film 

Now the question is how many people have heard about Srinivas. Frankly speaking I was not aware of Srinivas before Endhiran film. After Endhiran film I shown interest to know more about Srinivas. Now I know Srinivas very well. Even I can say that I become a big fan of Srinivas. I am following him on Twitter.

Remember, I have written about Srinivas on this blog. At that time I mentioned his blog ID, Twitter ID and Facebook page address. (To read click here)

Srinivas at TASI
(The Animation Society of India)
Srinivas Mohan's Status

I am sorry to say this. Less than 200 people follow him on Twitter. Just over 200 people like his Facebook page. I personally feel that Srinivas deserve more than this number. Isn't it? 

We are Indians

All the Indians are aware of both actor and actress of  movie. Some of the Indians talk about director and music director of film. Only few Indians know about the technician of the film. Now the question is: are you in which category?

Now you are reading this blog. Therefore you are one of the very few Indians who know about technician of the film as well.