November 6, 2010

Now I am following Endhiran VFX Supervisor

Srinivas Mohan

So far I have watched Endhiran movie three times in theatre. The interesting fact is that this is the first time I have seen more than one time a movie in theatre. 

Director Shankar's home town (Kumbakonam) is to near to my home town. So first time I watched this film for director Shankar. 

I am in science profession. So second time I watched it for science. After this film I decided to do some thing for science. 

Third time I watched this film just for one person. His name is Srinivas Mohan. He is a VFX (Visual Effects) Supervisor of Endhiran movie.

Srinivas is also VFX Supervisor of Shankar's last movie "Sivaji". Srinivas has received national award for "Sivaji" movie.

Srinivas says that if they produce Endhiran in Hollywood, it will cost around 600 crore. But Endhiran has been produced within 150 crore. 

Director Shankar says about Srinivas...
Srinivas has taken visual effects to new heights. He deserves an Oscar

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