August 29, 2010

I Can Win

According to me "Learning is Life. Life is learning". So far I have read approximately 50 books. If I need to suggest one book to anyone, I will recommend "You can Win".

I bought this book while studying B.Sc(Chemistry) at Bishop Heber College in Trichy. Till date I have read this book more than three times. This is one of my favorite book. Unfortunately I lost this book two years ago.

There are many stories in this book. Still I can remember few stories. This book consists of many chapter. My favorite chapter is first one. My favorite words from this book are...

Winners don't do different things. 
They do things differently. 

Moreover Tamil version of this book is also available. In fact I read this book first two times in Tamil only.

After reading this book I always feel that I can Win. The best thing what we can give to someone is confident. Confident will give everything to them. To give confident to anyone consider this book as a gift for them.