August 29, 2010

Google is helping to search my blog easily

Three months ago I started blogging. Exactly on May 27 I created this blog. The first post title was "Social Search Engine". So far I have posted 49 articles on this blog. Meantime I am very happy to inform that this is my 50th post.
At this moment I would like to say my sincere thanks to everyone. Moreover I would like to convey my special thanks to all KGiSL-IIM students. Your feedbacks and comments really encouraged me to reach this stage.

At this happy occasion I would like to help you how to access my blog easily. With the help of Google you can access my blog very quikly. You just type the following keywords in Google search box. Google will bring my blog as first item in it's first page itself.

  • Professor Kannan Blog
  • Prof.Kannan Blog
  • Prof Kannan Blog

See the following screen shot to get idea of how Google brings my blog to you.

Professor Kannan Blog

Prof.Kannan Blog

Prof Kannan Blog

Utilize Google Intelligence to access this blog quickly. Moreover once again I would like to express hearty thanks to everyone. My special thanks to all IIM Students.