August 30, 2010

I just love this website

Aamir Khan is known for different. So far I have seen two of his films. Lagaan was my first movie of Aamir Khan. 3 Idiots was my second and also last movie of Aamir Khan. Now I am thinking of to watch his recent film "Peepli Live".

Peepli Live

So far Aamir has produced four film. The first film was Laggan. His latest film is Peepli Live. It was released on August 13, 2010. In this movie Aamir has not acted. He is a producer of this movie.

VVIP already watched 

Moreover many VVIP already watched this film. Our honorable prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh saw this movie on last Sunday


There is website for this film. It looks entirely different. I really excited while seeing this site. This website is also good example for creativity and innovation

We have to view everything within T.V. There are nine menus available in that website. We can navigate this site through remote control which is in website itself. For example if we want to choose seventh menu "Songs", we can click on that menu or we can press the number 7 in remote control.

While seeing this website I just remembered what I learned about creativity and Innovation.

Creativity :  Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation : Innovation is doing new things

I feel that this website can be considered as a good example for creativity and Innovation.


Visit Peepli Live movie website