September 1, 2010

Indian Women

There is a myth about women. Women talk more when compared to Men. Whether this statement is correct or not? There are two ways to get an answer for this question.
  1. We can give suggestion to Gopinath to conduct a debate on Neeya Nanna. 
  2. We can get an answer through science.
Now I will help you to get an answer for this question through one latest report.

Mobile Internet 

Only 4 percent of Indian women use their mobile phone to access Internet. The South African women are No.1 in mobile internet access. 43.5 % South African women access Mobile Internet. 

Overall 23% women use mobile internet in this world whereas in India only 4% women use mobile internet.

Image Courtesy: Gomo News

If only 4% Indian women use mobile internet then rest of the Indian women use mobile phone just to talk. Women talk more than men. Now it's not only myth. It's also fact.

However one of the exact reason is literacy rate of Indian Women. In India women literacy rate is just above 50% whereas men literacy rate is 75%.