September 5, 2010

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Two months ago I got an new broadband connection. At that point of time my first choice was BSNL wired connection. Unfortunately new connection was not available in our area. My second choice was Airtel. Airtel also does not have wired connection in our area. At last I opted for ReadyLink. 


Readylink is a leading Class 'B' Internet Service Provider in eastern Tamil Nadu. As of now I am quite comfortable with Readylink.

Top Five ISP

In India BSNL is No.1 Internet Service Provider. BSNL is having 57% market share. MTNL is next big service provider in India. MTNL have 14% market share. Meantime MTNL does not provide service other than Delhi and Mumbai.

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Both BSNL and MTNL are public sector company. The other service providers are private sector company.

In the private sector Airtel and Reliance are top two service providers. Airtel have 8% market share and Reliance have 7.5% market share.