September 6, 2010

Indian Idea now Google's Idea

Munjal Shah

I am great fan of Google. I always watch Google activities. So far Google has bought 79 websites. In this year itself, Google has bought 20 websites. Last month only they bought 6 websites across the world.

Indian Idea

This is the first time Google has shown interest on Indian's Idea. Yes, so far Google has bought only one Indian website. The website name is Google bought this website last month. was co-founded by an Indian. His name is Munjal Shah.

Munjal Shah

Munjal lives in America, but his father studied in IIT Bombay. Munjal founded on 2004. is known for visual search.

Visual Search

Yesterday I received one sweet parcel from my neighbor. Just before dinner I ate everything. Now I would like to eat the same sweet once again. What can I do now?

I can login into my computer, then with the help of Google, I can search where this sweet will be available and order the same sweet.

Suppose if I don't know the sweet name, even Google can't help me. But helps me.

I can take the photo of this sweet through my mobile phone. Then I upload this image to Now can find where this sweet will be available.