March 2, 2011

Who Is The Popular Music Director?

The main music directors in Tamil music world are A.R.Rahman, Harris Jayaraj and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Now the problem is to identify who is popular.

There are more than one way to identify popularity. We can measure music directors popularity based on...
  • Salary
  • Awards 
  • CD Sales
  • Song Download
Now Twitter is one of the way to identify popularity. Based on Twitter followers we can say who is popular.

Approximately 35 Thousands people follow Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Yuvan's recent Tweet is...

"Saw the 1st half of avan ivan... Vishal has done a great job really no words to say..."

A.R.Rahman have more than 3 Lakhs followers.

Rahman's one of the latest Tweet is...

"Malaysia Vasudevan Sir, Rest In Peace... You were one of the few who believed in me and gave me my first break..."

Less than 21 Thousands people follow Harris Jayaraj.

One of the Harris recent Tweet is...

Flying to London with director Shankar to compose rest of the songs for the film "Nanban"