February 28, 2011

Call 108: What's happening when we call 108?

Photo Credit: The Hindu

108 is a 24 7 emergency service. 108 is only for emergency. 108 does not carry dead body. 108 is for medical, police and fire emergencies. 108 is a toll free number. We can contact from landline or mobile phone.

What's happening when we call 108?
  • Communication Officer(CO) receives the call. 
  • Communication Officer also records the information about our emergency.
  • Next information goes to Dispatch Officer(DO).
  • Dispatch Officer identify whether it's medical or police or fire emergency. 
  • In case of Police emergency Dispatch Officer inform to local police station.
  • In case of Fire emergency Dispatch Officer inform to local fire department.
  • In case of Medical emergency Dispatch Officer find the nearest ambulance and send the ambulance to the spot.
  • Ambulance will reach the spot as soon as possible. The average response time is less than 20 minutes.
  • Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) is available in ambulance. EMT will do the initial treatment.
  • Eventually ambulance reach the nearest hospital.

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