February 21, 2011

Meet Poet Thamarai (பெண் திரைப்பட பாடலாசிரியர்)

Poet Thamarai is well known person in Tamil Cinema. Tamil Cinema is known for male domination. But, now Thamarai is the one and only woman poet in Tamil Cinema.

Thamarai's native is Coimbatore. She is basically Mechanical Engineer. She had worked in Coimbatore. Now she is in Chennai.

Women's Feelings:

Before Tamarai, people listened to women's feelings via men's pen. But now people listen to women's feelings from Thamarai's pen.

Thamarai's first song is "Thendral Enthan" from "Iniyavale". She became very popular on "Vaseegara" song from "Minnale". She has written lyrics for the following popular movies.


Thamarai has received the following awards...

  • Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Lyricist
  • Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist
  • Vijay Award for Best Lyricist

Follow Her:

Thamarai is available on Facebook. More than 23,000 people like her Facebook page. Thamarai's recent updates on Facebook are... 

தூங்காமல் காத்து காத்து விழித்தே கழித்தே இரவை, 

ஏமாற்றம் தாளமல் தான் தூதாய் தொடுத்தேன் நிலவை..

                 - February 15 at 10:42pm

இனிய காதலர் தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

                - February 13 at 9:57pm
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