March 3, 2011

Now Idly, Dosa, Pongal and Vadai available in Google

Now Google has come to our kitchen. Last week Google has introduced special search for recipes. Google is already offering specialized search for Images, Videos and Books. Similarly now Google offers dedicated search for Recipes.

So far we had searched on general search. Let us consider we want recipe for Idly. If we search in general, the results may or may not be recipe. For our Idly, the top three results are...

  • Wikipedia Page for general information about Idly
  • Murugan Idly Shop 
  • Definition of Idly from free Online Dictionary

The same Idly search if we do in Recipes search, we will get recipes alone as a result.

In Recipes search we have option to filter the result. We can filter the result based on...

  • Ingredients 
  • Preparation Time  
  • Calories 

Now this Recipes search is not available in India( It's available in U.S.A( But we can try this feature by going into rather than