March 9, 2011

Make Your Firefox Smart Now

There are four common buttons available in browser. They are…

  • Forward Button
  • Backward Button
  • Reload Button
  • Stop Button 

Let us consider the reload and stop button alone. Both reload and stop buttons are always visible in Mozilla’s browser whereas in Google’s browser we can’t view these two buttons at a time. 

Mozilla Firefox
The best things about Google Chrome browser are its simplicity and smartness. In Google Chrome we can view either stop or reload button at a time.

Google Chrome
Smart Show:

While reloading page we need stop button to stop the process, at that time we don’t want reload button.

Once the reload is complete we don’t want stop button. 

In this context Google is so smart, it shows either reload or stop button alone at a time.  However you can also make your Firefox smarter. 

By default Firefox is not smart like Google's Chrome. But we have extension to make our Firefox smarter.

What is the extension name?

Smart Stop or Reload

What It Does?

It combines reload and stop button. After merging these two buttons, it makes Firefox to show either reload or stop Button at a time.

To download this extension Click Here