March 17, 2011

Aadukalam songs are more popular than Endhiran and Raavanan songs

My hobby is reading. I rarely listened to music. But now a days I switch on my speaker at least once per day.  Recently one of my cousin suggested me to listen music. The problem is that I have very few songs in my desktop. Moreover I don't have latest songs. Some time I prefer online especially for new songs.  

Today I listened the latest songs on paadalvarigal. I listened the following songs...

  • Oosurae Poguthey Oosurae Poguthey from Raavanan
  • Boom Boom Robo-Da Robo-Da Robo-Da from Endhiran 
  • Yathe Yathe Yathe Ennaacho from Aadukalam 

While hearing music I started to compare Raavanan, Endhiran and Aadukalam songs. Surprisingly Aadukalam songs are more popular than Endhiran and Raavanan songs.

Aadukalam song (Yathe Yathe) was shared by approximately 2000 people on Facebook. Two more songs from Aadukalam (Otha Sollaala and Ayyayo Nenju Alayuthadi) was shared by more than 1500 people.

The most popular song from Raavanan is Oosurae Poguthey. It was shared by less than 100 people. Irumbile Oru Iruthayam Mulaikkudho is a popular song from Endhiran. It was  shared by less than 200 people.

A.R.Rahman and G.V.Prakash Kumar | Photo Credit:

Both Raavanan and Endhiran songs are composed by A.R.Rahman. Aadukalam songs are composed by G.V.Prakash Kumar. G.V.Prakash is the nephew of A.R.Rahman. He is just 23 years old. 

While comparing Raavanan, Endhiran and Aadukalam songs I raised one question. The question is why Aadukalam songs are more popular than Endhiran and Raavanan. At the end I am unable to find one single reason.