March 20, 2011

Dress for Browser

Browsing is not at all boring. Some time browsing again and again via the same browser will make bore.  We can wear dress (theme) in order to avoid boring. We can choose a theme based on our mood or occasion.   

Firefox theme is more popular than other browser's theme. Already more than 3 Crore people across the world are using Firefox's theme. More than 2 Lakhs themes are available.  I have worn the following themes over last two weeks.

What we have to do?

We need to install an extension. The extension name is "Personas Plus". 

More about Personas Plus

Personas Plus is a Firefox No.1 extension. More than 2.5 Lakhs people download this extension every week.

To wear Firefox theme follow the following steps...
Step:1 Install Personas Plus Extension 
Step:2 Find The Personas Plus Logo in left corner of Status bar
Step:3 Click on Personas Plus Logo
Step:4 Search Your Theme
Step:5 Choose Your Theme

Personas Plus Logo
While choosing theme we have options like...

  • Nature
  • Fashion
  • Music 
  • Sports
  • TV and Film 
  • Etc.

Have look on few varieties of theme...

Download: Personas Plus