January 7, 2011

Few People Fast In Browsing

Browser is the most used software in this world. But only few people are using shortcut keys. People who know shortcut keys are very fast in browsing. Therefore spend few minutes to learn shortcut keys.   

Here I have listed few important shortcut keys. These keys are common for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Ctrl + N - To open new Window

Ctrl + T - To open new Tab 

Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W - To close current Tab

Alt + F4 - To close current Window

Alt + Home - To go to Home Page 

Ctrl + Tab - To navigate between Tabs

Alt + Tab - To navigate between Windows 

Alt + Left Key or Backspace - To go back one Page

Alt + Right Key To forward one Page 

Ctrl + R or F5 - To refresh a page

Ctrl + + => To increase font size 

Ctrl + -  => To decrease font size

Ctrl + 0  => To set a default font size 

F11 - To view in full screen .